A division of The Crossborder Company

Our artists are dual citizens or moving towards their visas and work in a global network. We represent a handpicked roster of talent in development, actors, producers, writers, Kpop artists, multi-hyphenates & influencers from Canada, the Americas, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Europe.

We believe the world is an open stage and our clients are major players who can share their artistic vision with the world. Representing our clients globally negates a need for a new rep in every new market.

Voyage Literary Development & Management

A division of The Crossborder Company

Literary: Development & Pitching

We are an accelerator for writers focused on stories about diversity, culture, travel.

Voyage champions writers of diverse backgrounds to develop their original concepts into teleplays or screenplays. Our mission is to empower storytellers with resources and guidance to help kickstart their careers. We look forward to hearing from and supporting the mavericks and disruptors.

Our end goal is to create a haven for a new generation of writers. So many great writers are lost in the inefficiency of the status quo. Many writers are lost to the process of how to get their work seen and developed. The Crossborder Company helps to support these up and coming writers by supporting them as a larger extension of a team. We can help provide mentorship, funding, support, customized writers room, and development and production for the right projects.

Voyage is a full service literary and dramatic rights agency with a presence in Vancouver, Los Angeles, Australia and the APAC region. We manage the development, publishing, producing and licensing of client’s property.

These properties include screenplays, teleplays, commercial fiction, non-fiction, memoirs. With our background in TV/Film, we support our clients across transmedia platforms. We develop and manage projects , from concept, to development, final draft, editing, marketing and promotion. We actively seek projects with potential to make large impact internationally and work with top agencies as well as direct to studios and digital studios.


Screenwriters: If you are a screenwriter and wish to submit a screenplay or a teleplay for consideration, please start by sending a one sheet, with your logline, synopsis, creative team and qualifications. Please ensure all scripts are proofread from grammatical errors and typos.

We are particularly interested in stories of diversity and representation. We are accepting family and youth, YA, fantasy, comedy and thriller and action adventure stories.

Due to backlog, it may take up to 8 weeks to respond if we are interested.
No response means we are not interested.