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Travel How travel benefits children: Helping children learn and understand culture, diversity and varying lifestyles

At The Crossborder Company we believe sharing stories from around the world will help to shape and open young minds. Studies have shown this to be true. And while we are currently living in a pandemic that limits travel, it’s for that very reason that travel should be experienced and the world should be explored, if only from the safety of our homes.

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“external messages play an enormous role in how kids view others. According to Metzler, parents can introduce their kids to cultural diversity through a variety of creative activities, such as visiting multi-cultural websites, attending cultural events, sampling ethnic food and reading books that provides information of other ethnic cultures.”

Family trips have been shown to improve academic performance in many children. Studies show a link between high grades in school and children who partake in educational travel excursions. According to a survey by The Wagner Group, people who traveled during their youth were more likely to successfully complete high school and go on to obtain college degrees. The survey also revealed that these respondents achieved 12 percent greater annual incomes than those who never traveled during their youth years.